Special Programs

Quick Pay Program

Take advantage of Spot’s Quick Pay program to get paid within 2 business days. To qualify, you cannot have a factoring company on file with Spot. We must receive invoice, all PODS, and any receipts before 3:00 p.m. EST otherwise shipment will be quick paid the next day. Quick pay fee is 5% or minimum of $10 which ever one is greater. You will need to email all your paperwork to quickpay@spotinc.com to get started.

Small Carrier Program

We created our small carrier program to make hauling easier for our most important partners — smaller trucking companies and owner operators. Get paid fast with no fees on every load you haul.

To Qualify:

*Failure to reach the minimum of five loads within each 30 day period may result in disqualification from the program.

Additional Information:


By joining the Small Carrier Program, you can improve your cash flow by getting paid fast, move more loads with access to Spot’s vast network of available freight, and get assistance 24/7/365 from our carrier resource department.