August 4, 2021

Working as a dispatcher in the logistics industry is no easy task. In this role, it’s crucial to be both organized and detail-oriented as you consistently have to deal with load after load moving on a daily basis. Because of this, we developed Red Trucks, our carrier portal, to provide the support, expertise, and technology that dispatchers and motor carriers need to manage their business. Safeway Transportation, a key partner that services one of our largest consumer product shippers, has been an avid user of Red Trucks for this very reason.


Having the opportunity to manage multiple shipping-related responsibilities within one platform is crucial to Safeway. As a smaller carrier operating five trucks, they don’t have the time to call brokers to find loads or to manage shipments through long e-mail chains. Within Red Trucks, Safeway can accomplish numerous daily tasks in one spot, such as booking loads, updating driver locations, and submitting accessorial requests. Safeway also takes advantage of updating their lane preferences so they receive automated e-mails on shipments that are relevant to their business (lanes they’ve run before, where they prefer to send their trucks, etc.).


By using Red Trucks, Safeway has gained numerous hours back into their day and is able to spend more time building their business rather than focusing on medial tasks. Most importantly, they only have to use the Red Trucks load board to find available shipments and have secured contracted rates with Spot on the lanes they most commonly run for us. This way their business is guaranteed versus sporadic.

A Note from Safeway

“As a dispatcher, Red Trucks makes my life easier. The portal is extremely user friendly, and I love that I don’t have to continuously call or e-mail our Spot Account Manager for lane details or to book a load. I’m extremely thankful for the partnership we’ve been able to build with Spot, and our use of Red Trucks has played a large role in our growth as a company.” – Cindy, Dispatcher