red semi trucks lined up and reflecting in a puddle of water in a parking lot


When you need to get the job done, Spot and our proprietary technology, MySpot, help you deliver on time, every time.

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Submit an accessorial request through MySpot and get paid quicker.

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Find more freight, move more loads and optimize your business.

  • Easily accept and reject tenders
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Semi trucks lined up in a parking lot with a man looking them over.
Semi trucks lined up in a parking lot with a man looking them over.
Semi trucks lined up in a parking lot with a man looking them over.

Small Carrier Program

Smaller trucking companies and owner-operators are an essential part of the logistics industry. Register for our small carrier program and get paid quickly with no fees.

Smiling semi truck driver in the cab with the door open
Smiling semi truck driver in the cab with the door open
Smiling semi truck driver in the cab with the door open

quick pay program

Our quick pay program allows you to get paid in as little as two business days after we’ve received your paperwork. Learn more and register today.

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Spend less time hunting for loads and more time hauling them with the MySpot mobile app powered by our subsidiary, Red Technologies. Connect to thousands of available shipments to find the best lanes and prices.

Submit PODs, manage and search for loads on the go, update your current location to avoid check calls, and more — all from an easy-to-use app.


Full Truckload

Spot helps you connect with shippers looking to haul full truckload freight so you can get more for every mile.



Connect with shippers who are looking to fill your truck. Spot’s team of less-than-truckload experts can help you find the right loads and make you more efficient.


Intermodal Shipping

If you’re a carrier who specializes in intermodal transportation, Spot can connect you with shippers looking for your expertise.


Expedited Freight

Spot’s expedited freight services will connect you with shippers looking for carriers who can deliver with speed and efficiency.

Expedited Freight

Flatbed Loads

Spot’s team of experts can match you with shippers and help your team find the best loads for your equipment.


Just-In-Time (JIT) Shipping

Shippers rely on carriers like you to deliver their goods on time, just in time, and in the right condition. With you, production never stops — and neither do we.


Refrigerated Shipping

Through our relationships with some of the nation’s largest grocery chains and food & beverage manufacturers, Spot has the resources to find refrigerated freight for your fleet.

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Hazmat Freight

When freight is toxic, corrosive, explosive or dangerous, Spot’s team of hazmat shipping experts can help you locate shippers in need of hazmat capabilities.

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Dry Van Freight

Let Spot help connect you with freight that needs protection from the elements with our team of dry van specialists.

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Drop Trailer

Drop your freight off and go with less driver wait time, affordable prices and flexible storage. Spot can help you find drop trailer loads and optimize your lanes.

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Customized Logistics Services

Spot offers customized logistics services no matter what you’re hauling. Through our customer-inspired technologies and years of experience, we can find a solution that best fits your needs and keeps you on the road.

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MySpot TMS application (with truck routes, loads, shipping rates) on a open laptop and mobile phone


Freight never stops. MySpot helps you find more freight, move more loads and keep your trucks moving.

Learn how our team focuses on making your job easier.