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Managed Solutions

With Spot as your partner, you leverage cutting-edge technology and expertise, retain full control over your broader supply chain strategy and the key performance metrics that drive success, and empower your team to concentrate on high-level strategic initiatives. Count on our collaborative outsourcing approach to expertly handle the heavy lifting in your transportation network while ensuring you retain strategic control.

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Performance Measurement


Contract Management


Load and Route Optimization


Mode and Carrier Selection


Shipment Execution


Track and Trace Services


Supplier Management


Claims Management

Benefits of a Managed Solution

Beyond Tracking

Gain access to our state-of-the-art transportation management system (TMS), MySpot for Shippers, and cutting-edge technology at little to no cost, depending on your chosen solution model. Beyond just tracking metrics, our TMS captures, analyzes, and delivers crucial business intelligence, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and foster continuous improvement.

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Smarter Routes, Streamlined Shipping

Witness cost savings propelled by benchmarking, route optimization, and increased productivity. Further efficiencies emerge through advanced load and route optimization, mode selection, LTL reductions, multi-stop truckloads, and a commitment to continuous innovation.

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Adaptable & Risk-Mitigated

Our adaptable solutions prioritize risk management, enabling swift adaptation to market fluctuations while mitigating service-level disruptions.

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Expand Your Fleet, Not Your Payroll

We assemble a dedicated account management team around your business. This team spearheads strategic planning, performance measurement, reporting, and optimization, fostering close alignment between your goals and our execution.

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Choosing The Right Fit

Our service models combine technology, talent, and your success

Single Source 2

Single Source

We will:

  • Deploy technology without any capital investment from your end.
  • Coordinate transportation across your supply chain network and facilitate chosen freight services from our comprehensive menu.
  • Implement mode and route optimization strategies, delivering immediate and long-term savings.

Lead Logistics

We Will:

  • Deploy technology through a hybrid payment model, combining freight service payments with pay-as-you-go.
  • Optimize value and service levels by leveraging your carriers alongside our extensive carrier network.
  • Align dedicated account management teams to support your strategic objectives, ensuring seamless integration, performance measurement, reporting, and optimization.

TMS: SaaS Model

We Will:

  • Implement technology under a convenient, pay-as-you-go model.
  • Provide end-to-end visibility, tracking, and reporting across your supply chain, reducing manual tasks and enhancing efficiency.
  • Execute routing guides and measure key performance metrics to fuel continuous improvement efforts.
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We’ve Got You Covered

  • Contract Management: Our rigorous tracking of performance and carrier compliance safeguards against downstream errors, ensuring accuracy and preventing costly mistakes in accessorial recording.
  • Load & Route Optimization: Leveraging our TMS technology and extensive market expertise, we streamline shipments optimize loads, alleviate dock congestion, and minimize LTL costs, driving efficiency across your network.
  • Mode Selection: Our deep understanding of multimodal procurement strategies, service level requirements, and key performance metrics ensures strategic decision-making tailored to your network’s needs.
  • Supplier Management: Collaborating closely with your vendors and suppliers, we optimize processes to uncover significant cost-saving opportunities and improve operating efficiency.
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Adoption & Implementation

From discovery to delivery, we take a data-driven approach to your success. Embark on your implementation journey confidently, knowing that Spot’s comprehensive planning and integration strategies are designed to streamline your processes and drive success from inception to execution.