LTL Loyalty Program: Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Spot Freight Inc. (“Spot”). Spot will actively notify all enrolled members of any changes within 30 days of the change via email. Telephone communication of any and all changes will not constitute a proper method of communication. Terms and Conditions are effective as of 12/1/2019. LTL Loyalty Rewards Program stats and bonus level reset annually on January 1st each year.




Rewards Level Conditions

Terms and Conditions are effective as of 12/1/2019. LTL Loyalty Rewards Program figures and bonus level resets on 1/1/2021. Should a customer not use the rewards from a previous level and move to the next level, they will lose all rewards from the previous level (i.e. if a customer moves from Bronze to Silver status, they will earn all rewards at Silver status, but lose any unused rewards they obtained at Bronze level).

Any rewards program member must be in good standing and current on all invoices payable to Spot. They must adhere to Spot’s NET 30 days payment terms, unless previously negotiated prior to enrolling in the rewards program.

A shipment is defined as any LTL order that is booked with Spot via EDI, email, Red TMS or the customer’s TMS platform. The shipment must be picked up and delivered using a Spot LTL carrier. If a shipment is cancelled after being booked, it will not count towards the rewards program.

It is solely the responsibility of the Member to be informed about the Program and to request the specific Rewards by email notification. The rewards are non-transferrable and can only be used by the enrolled member. Rewards may not be sold, auctioned, bartered, brokered, purchased or otherwise transferred except with the express written consent of Spot. All rewards are subject to certain restrictions. See the Terms and Conditions for more information. Rewards may not be combined with other certificates, discounts or promotional offers unless otherwise specified in writing by Spot.

Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash, prizes or credit. Spot will not be responsible for any shipments that are delayed due to “Act of God”, weather, war, or any other event that is out of the direct control of Spot.

Should a shipment fail to deliver, at no fault of the shipper, customer, receiver or Spot, the shipment will count towards the member’s cumulative total. Spot will make every effort to remedy any situation where freight is damaged, missing or unavailable for delivery.

No trial by Jury: You waive a trial by jury in any action or proceeding between you and Spot arising out of and/or relating to this program.

No class actions: You waive any right to pursue disputes on a class wide basis. You agree that no claim or dispute arising out of/or relating to this program may be joined with a claim or dispute of any other person or entity, and you may not assert a claim in a representative capacity on behalf of anyone else in any lawsuit or other legal proceeding.