March 24, 2021

Brendan Barrett

What did you study at UNC Charlotte?: Business Analytics

How did you first hear about Spot?: I saw the role posted on LinkedIn right before graduation & in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What made you want to work at Spot and what keeps you here?: I took the role because it seemed like an exciting place to work, and I was able to start right away upon graduation. The sustainability and growth potential has kept me here. I hit commission within my first 8 months and was fortunate to team up with 2 other Senior Account Managers to maximize our books of business.

What does your day-to-day role look like here at Spot?: My day-to-day is a mixture of operations and sales. I typically spend my days tracking/booking shipments while talking with my customers and prospects about opportunities for Spot to haul their freight.

What is your advice for soon to be graduates?: Enjoy it while you can because after graduation, it’s all about work!

Describe Spot in one word: Fast-paced