June 8, 2021

Carriers are the backbone of our success. Without our carriers, we wouldn’t be able to offer our shippers the quality and reliability they’ve come to expect from us. 

June’s Carrier of the Month, Kina Trucking, has been a key partner of Spot’s for about 1.5 years now. They took over a production lane for our largest automotive shipper that requires a high level of communication and visibility. Kina is consistently able to meet the ever-changing demand of this lane while providing quick solutions to any issues that arise. This was a lane that kept us up at night, but now we can rest easy knowing that Kina is handling it!

Read on for a Q&A to learn more about Kina and their take on the transportation industry.

Tell us about your founding: Our company was founded in 2013. My brother & I used to work for another trucking company, and we figured it was time for us to move forward and open a company of our own.

What does your company specialize in?: Dry van & reefer runs.

Why do you enjoy working with Spot?: The great people!

What do you do to pass time while on the road?: Call friends & family.

What part of the country do you enjoy driving through the most?: All over! As a truck driver, you have to enjoy driving anywhere.

What is your favorite part about being in the logistics industry?: Fighting for each load in order to grow our company.