Eight NCL semi trucks lined up in a row


November 1, 2023

Carriers are the backbone of our success. With our carriers, we can offer our shippers the quality and reliability they’ve come to expect from us. Spot’s Carrier of the Month for October is N.C. Leasing Inc.

N.C. Leasing has consistently exceeded our expectations. They provide outstanding work that helps our biggest customers be successful. We can always trust them to deliver on time, every time.

Read more below about N.C. Leasing Inc. and its take on the transportation industry.

Tell us about your founding (year, why you started, etc.): N.C. Leasing was founded in 1956 by Charles V. Phelps. N.C. Leasing Inc. has weathered economic ups and downs and keeps rolling.

What does your company specialize in (i.e., modes, areas of the country, etc.)?: N.C. Leasing Inc. specializes in moving full-size truckloads with vans and flatbeds. We also offer trailer rentals to owner-operators and large manufacturers.

Why do you enjoy working with Spot?: Spot’s thoroughness and helpfulness make them a valuable partner when dealing with logistical issues. Our representative, Emerson, is a world-class agent who understands the importance of relationships in the industry.

What part of the country do you enjoy driving through the most? Why?: N.C. Leasing Inc. is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, where we provide most of our services and are our favorite to operate in. Our delivery service operates throughout Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We have also traveled to Massachusetts, Chicago, and Dallas for competitive rates.

What is your favorite part about being in the logistics industry?: Our favorite part of being in the logistics industry is building relationships with good people across the country who share our goals. I will never meet most of these people in person, but I still feel a strong sense of trust with them.

Anything else about your company or the industry that you think everyone should know about?: In this ever-changing and complex industry, we advise you to stay educated through online forums and trucking associations. We always want to talk about our drop trailer program, which allows us to drop trailers at many locations for faster service. Contact us today at 410-388-0322 or visit our website at NCleasinginc.com for more information.