How MySpot has impacted Dameco Transport’s growth

July 13, 2021

As a small carrier, finding loads that are the best fit for your business can sometimes be challenging. This is why Dameco Transport started using MySpot to search for available freight and find reloads. Dameco was founded by David Medina in 2019. Prior to starting his own company, he was a truck driver for over twenty years, so he understands the number one business priority that all carriers share: keeping their trucks moving. Located in Kentland, Texas, Dameco specializes in hauling food-grade products across the country, and they’ve become one of Spot’s key partners in servicing one of the company’s largest beverage shippers.

What is MySpot?

Technology is a crucial component in today’s logistics environment. To help motor carriers keep their vehicles and drivers in use with increased efficiency, Red Technologies, Spot’s technology development arm, developed a proprietary carrier portal specifically designed to help dispatchers simplify their workflows. MySpot provides our carrier partners with the information they need to excel while enabling effective collaboration on the loads they haul for us. A few of MySpot’s key features include a load board, shipment lifecycle management, and accessorial request submittal.


Being able to plan ahead is key, and that’s one of the most value-added benefits that Myspot provides to Dameco. Using the portal’s reload and load board functionality, Dameco can filter loads by date, location, and highest pay. This is especially important when drivers are on the road because Dameco can find shipments that match up with where they’re going next. This ultimately drives more load opportunities, leading to additional revenue generated. MySpot also offers carriers the opportunity to update their lane preferences, which Dameco has taken advantage of. Once inputted, e-mails are then sent to the booking team whenever there’s an available load that matches where Dameco prefers to send their trucks.


Through the use of MySpot, Dameco has received more opportunities to grow its business. They currently have three drivers and now see the need to hire two more. In addition, Dameco no longer needs to find loads on DAT or other boards because MySpot consistently has a sufficient amount of loads available (in fact, 80% of our business is contracted). Dameco also enjoys working with their Carrier Account Manager and single point of contact. Even though MySpot is a self-serving portal, it’s always nice to have a “go-to” person to connect with if any questions arise as they use the platform.

A Note from Dameco

“MySpot has greatly impacted my business. Not only is the portal extremely user-friendly, but being able to plan loads in advance has been very beneficial to helping me grow my company. We’ve added to our bottom line and have also had to hire more drivers. The work of our Carrier Account Manager also can’t go unnoticed. Any time I have a question, he is always there to answer, and he’s the reason that we continue to use MySpot and have established such a strong relationship with Spot.”

David M., Owner