September 10, 2016

Making a switch from one transportation provider to another can seem like a daunting task.

One of Spot’s customer’s, a large manufacturer serving the commercial vehicle industry, was unhappy with the service provided by its incumbent provider and reached out to Spot for help. After better understanding the customer’s needs and expectations and establishing a comprehensive transition plan, Spot was able to successfully execute the conversion to being the customer’s sole transportation partner ahead of the agreed upon timeline, while immediately providing much improved service and performance.


The customer’s previous transportation provider wasn’t providing adequate customer service across multiple facets of their business including proactive communication, on-time performance, load tracking, pricing, reporting, and claims resolution. Ultimately, Spot’s customer couldn’t rely on their previous provider, which was causing numerous issues with their end users.

Solution & Results

Spot developed and implemented a plan to integrate and improve direct communication between Spot and the customer’s employees, including online tracking and specialized reporting tailored to the customer’s needs. Spot’s customized solution combined on-site customer support staff and a collaborative approach to constant improvement of the supply chain. Ultimately, this plan made an immediate improvement in freight visibility, on-time performance, and efficiency across the customer’s overall operations.

A Note from the Customer

“I feel confident in saying that Spot will do whatever it takes to respond to your needs and exceed your expectations. We view them as a business partner that is also invested in our success, not just another freight broker.”

– General Manager