June 29, 2020

Do you ever wonder what the average day as a Carrier Sales Representative at Spot is like? We spoke with a few of our Carrier Sales Reps to get an inside look at their typical day to day routine when working with our number one customer, carriers!

Day in the Life Carrier Sales Rep

We sat down with three members of our Carrier Sales team, (left to right) Katherine, Brad, and Mladen, to give you a look at their daily processes and how they best serve our carrier partners.


Katherine: I usually check my emails while I’m getting ready in the morning, that way I can game plan how to tackle any tasks that came up overnight before I physically get to the office. After that, most of my morning is dominated by making check calls with my carriers and checking up on active loads.

Brad: My morning starts with carrier check-ins on loads that deliver in the morning. If I have time, I like to get ahead on my assigned freight and help out carriers that have trucks needing to be covered if their original load was canceled for any reason.

Mladen: First thing in the morning is normally when I get everything set up for the day and take a look at my active loads. My zone works primarily out West, so we aren’t checking in with customers until later on in the morning, and then we try to get ahead on active and next day loads if time permits.


Katherine: In the middle of the day, I check my board of loads and see which of my carriers would be a good fit for any of those lanes in that selection. This is about the time that I normally get in contact with Account Managers about their freight that they need covered, so I also figure out what I need to source whether it’s the next day or next week.

Brad: For the most part, my mid-day is just a continuation of the morning. It’s a lot of sourcing loads and getting in contact with carriers to book loads with them and checking in on active shipments.

Mladen: Mid-day is when we make the transition in our day. We go from wrapping up our morning loads to checking in with our carriers. We aim to talk with our carriers on a daily basis and see if we can find them a backhaul or maybe even work ahead on some future shipments.


Katherine: This time of the day is usually when I’m able to take time to speak with my carriers and drivers from a relationship-building perspective. Once it gets closer to the end of the day, that’s most likely when issues would start to come up. Whether it’s one of my drivers getting delayed during loading/unloading, or a trailer breakdown, I make those adjustments as soon as possible to ensure freight arrives on time.

Brad: Late afternoon is the best chance for me to make time to talk to my carriers and learn more about them and their usual lanes. That really helps moving forward because then if a new lane pops up in their preferred area, I know I can go back and make that connection. Before leaving for the day, our team makes sure all of our own check calls are done so our shippers are up to date on their freight’s status and it doesn’t overload the logistics team.

Mladen: The afternoon is when we take the time to get the morning set up and make sure the early loads are covered so we aren’t rushing the next morning. We also like to take this time to work with the newer reps in our zone, helping them get acclimated to their role.

Our Carrier Sales team works tirelessly to make sure all loads are booked with the best fit carriers, ensuring that our shippers’ freight arrives on time and in perfect condition. While each Carrier Sales Rep has a different routine, they all have the same goal in mind and work together as a team to keep our freight moving!