May 11, 2016

Finding capacity is easy, but finding capacity at affordable rates is much harder.

As brokers we have contract freight at set rates and once we commit to moving the load we move it. At Spot Freight we do what we say we are going to do every time. To move contracted freight on a regular basis requires trucks to move the freight, but what if the shipper is located in a hot market where trucks are hard to come by?

We need regular dedicated carriers that can help us move freight in these hard to book areas. In hot markets the load to truck ratio can be 6 loads to every 1 truck in the area meaning that you will have many brokers fighting for the same trucks. In situations like these rates usually skyrocket unless you have good relationship with your carrier.

Building relationships with carriers takes time and diligence. As brokers we have to be in the carrier’s ear on a daily basis telling them about the loads that we have that may be a good fit for them. This usually takes weeks or even months of calling the carrier with no reward. Eventually after talking to the carrier on a daily basis you will establish a good relationship with them and they will start to give you some of their trucks. As in any good business relationship it has to be mutually beneficial for both parties. Once you have established rapport with the carrier they will trust you and this will allow for the freight to be moved at a year around rate without having to deal with market trends.