June 20, 2016

Great employees are NOT replaceable

Spot’s Vision consists of three pillars—technology, relationships and our great people.  Companies who see their good employees as “replaceable” are misguided.  We continually invest in our great employees and truly value the diverse talents they offer to Spot and their customers.  Our great people do so much.  Great salespeople are great givers.  They are always doing so much by constantly giving their internal and external clients beneficial things—helpful information, offers of service, solutions, respect for their time, support for their success, cheerful and friendly encounters, sincere acknowledgements, the inside scoop—giving all day long, always putting their customers’ needs first.  It is through our great people that we are able to collaboratively conspire our proprietary TMS (Transportation Management System), RED.

“I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow.” –Woodrow Wilson

We value the input from our team and because of that input and collaboration, we will have the most intuitive, advanced and evolutionary software on the market.

At Spot, the salespeople who handle your freight are known as Account Managers, but really they should be called Account Leaders.

“Managers do things right; leaders do the right things.” –Peter Drucker

Doing the right thing may mean making a difficult phone call, taking a loss to get the job done, waking up in the middle of the night to handle an issue or following through on a difficult promise.  They do this, though, because it’s the right thing to do.  At Spot, we do WHATEVER it takes EVERY time.  You may have asked what makes Spot different—it’s our great people.  Not only are our Account Managers (Leaders) great, Spot’s other departments play an equally important role:

  • The Carrier Services team conquers all the tough stuff on a daily basis—claims, accessorials and setting up and checking safety on new carriers.
  • The Billing team eats, sleeps and breathes numbers—invoicing and A/R is an ongoing mission, and their attention to detail allows our carriers to be paid faster than the industry standard.
  • The Operations team works around the clock to ensure things are running smoothly—they have seen it all and are the best problem solvers around.
  • The Marketing team ensures that our brand, Mission, Core Values and Vision are effectively communicated internally and externally—their creativity is undeniable.
  • The Carrier Sales team develops relationships with our great carriers—they are freight movers and lane builders for the company.
  • The Summer Interns are exceeding expectations beyond belief—these young guns are fast learners, adaptable, enthusiastic and always willing to do anything that is needed to help the team.
  • IT and HR are the essential parts of the company that make everything happen—selecting and onboarding the right people to join the team, ensuring all technology is working (and working correctly) and solving any kind of problem that comes their way.