October 24, 2017

Within our society today, the millennial generation continues to grow and have a strong presence across the country. This concept is no different at Spot. Our office provides an open and fast paced environment that appeals to millennials. Still not convinced? Just listen to our fellow millennial team members themselves.

“My favorite part about being an employee at Spot is the pace of our day. At Spot, you work in a fast paced environment where there is always something that you could be doing for yourself or to help out the team.”
-Josh Coston, Account Manager

Whether it’s working by yourself individually or coming together as a team, there is never a dull moment at Spot. Every piece of work…every single day matters to the overall success of our business. There is always something new to be done, and a new goal we’re trying to achieve. This is why we have continued to expand as a company, and in turn become one of the fastest growing in North America.

“Spot has given me the opportunity to essentially run my own business. I have the freedom to handle my accounts with my own style and work on growing my book of business. Spot provides all of the tools and confidence necessary to help me succeed.”
-Jake Martz, Account Manager

Here at Spot, we take pride in the individual growth of our employees. Having the freedom to make their own mistakes, learn from them, and then revel in their personal success is what motivates our staff to go the extra mile in order to get the job done right for our customers.

“For me, it’s the culture here at Spot. Every day there is energy brought on by the people, the environment, and the physical workspace itself.”
-Delon Pettiford, Account Manager

Our company culture is the pride and joy of Spot. The amount of energy and effort that our people exert on a daily basis is why we are able to continue to do what we do!

“My favorite office event was the Spot Amazing Race. We were split up into teams of 4-5 people and were assigned different tasks at multiple Indianapolis bars. We started by all going to a pre-selected bar on the list. We had to get the drink on our task list, do an action item, whether it was to Irish dance or buy a stranger a drink, take pictures to prove it, and then go on to the next bar! The first group to make it to the last bar won! This event really showed what our culture is all about…competitive, fast, and fun. Not only that, it really got everyone out of their comfort zones.”
-Emily Chandler, Account Manager

Spot not only believes in working together in the office but also out of the office too. We have several different events throughout the year for all of our employees to partake in ranging from our annual cornhole tournament to volunteering at Gleaners Food Bank. Bonding with one another outside of work hours makes coming into the office every day that much better. With that being said, we tend to live by the infamous motto of “work hard, play hard.”

“This is my first job out of college, but I know this is not always normal in the workplace. We have one of our President’s that actually sits out on the workforce floor with us. He does the dirty grind work just as much as anyone. We have more than an open door policy…all of our upper management is ALWAYS willing to stop whatever they are doing to answer a question. I think this makes us stand apart from competitors and other companies and is a valuable part of Spot.”
-Kelsey Hartman, National Account Director

As you can see, our employees realize the amount of significance Spot places on our co-worker relations and general work ethic. From the very top of Spot leadership to your average every day employee, everyone’s contributions in each department are important and valued by all.

“Spot is a great place for millennials to work because we work hard but also play hard. Whether it comes in the form of happy hours to celebrate a team goal or kicking off football season with an all-office tailgate, we realize the importance of a work-life balance and love to let loose.”
-John Perdikaris, Account Manager

All in all, Spot is a productive workplace for millennials to be a part of. Whether you have a few years of work experience or it’s your first job out of college, Spot sets you up for the development, confidence, and success that truly leads to becoming a better version of yourself. We understand the significance of relationships in and out of the office, and how it’s essential to take the time to enjoy ourselves together. Overall, our millennials are thankful for the opportunity Spot has given them, and we are more than thankful to have them on our team!

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