New Podcast Episode: Securing Your Supply Chain with Kreg Hunter and Guest Experts  

March 12, 2024

This episode of Spot’s podcast, More Than a Broker, features Kreg Hunter, Spot’s Vice President of Operations, who discusses solutions for supply chain security through loss prevention and enhanced carrier visibility.

Kreg leads a dynamic discussion with three industry authorities: Keith Lewis, Vice President of Operations for CargoNet; Joe Byers, Co-founder of CarrierOK; and Rich Daigle, Enterprise Account Executive at Tive.

Together, they explore critical strategies for:

  • Vetting Carrier Partners: The episode dives into best practices for evaluating and selecting reliable transportation partners.
  • The Power of Visibility: The discussion explores how real-time tracking and monitoring can safeguard your cargo throughout its journey.
  • Loss Mitigation Strategies: Valuable insights are provided on how to respond to missing cargo situations effectively.