May 29, 2018

Here at Spot, we do things differently with our S^4 approach. We sat down with Theo Mascari to discuss how he lives out this approach in his daily life as a National Account Director and one of Spot’s longest tenured employees.

We Do What Other’s Won’t

Theo never ignores a call from a customer…whether it’s at midnight or during Spot’s busiest times of the year, the holidays. It’s part of Theo’s job to find solutions to his customers’ problems, whether that’s a load fall off or an expedited shipment. Working on a weekend? That doesn’t scare Theo because he never gives back any of his freight once it has been accepted. Others may say this, but he lives it as part of Spot’s core values.

We Do the Little Things Right

With logistics, it’s all in the details, and if one detail is missed, that could be the difference between a load being on time or showing up late to the end customer. This is why it’s important that Theo communicates both the good and the bad, especially when it comes to the tracking and tracing of shipments. If one of Theo’s customer’s needs to know where their shipment is at any time of the day or night, he’s got that covered.

Theo and the Spot team focus on the often missed fundamentals of service, specifically within our Carrier Resource department. From accessorials to claims, our Carrier Resource department ensures that these typically drawn out processes take less time out of our customers’ day…because we know everyone has more important things to focus on.

We Are Capacity Driven

With Theo’s large and diverse customer base, it’s important for him to consistently reach out to new carriers that others aren’t calling on. Carriers are pivotal to getting the job done, which is why relationship building is key. Once these relationships are established, Theo is able to offer coverage at very competitive rates because his carrier base trusts him.

We Are More Than Just A Broker

Going out of his way to learn new things and finding unique solutions to problems proves that Theo strives to become an extension of his customers’ supply chains. This is how Theo and the Spot team are more than just brokers…because we build relationships and innovate through the use of our proprietary technology.

We strive to live out these four ideologies on a daily basis and believe that our S^4 approach sets us apart from others in the industry. Doing whatever it takes EVERY time, never giving back freight, being more than just a broker…these are all just part of the job to becoming one of the top 50 logistics companies in the nation.