February 7, 2018

Spot is excited to announce the launch of RED TRUCKS & RED DRIVER, two new tools for carriers and drivers. RED TRUCKS is Spot’s new carrier portal and RED DRIVER is a mobile app that will enable drivers to manage loads on the go. Spot has over 15,000 contract carriers, and with the use of both tools, managing loads will become much more efficient and streamlined for drivers.

Drivers will be now be able to do the following:

  • Load Updates & Quoting: accept load tenders and provide spot bid quotes
  • Load Finder: search for available loads based on various specifications
  • Settle Loads: submit paperwork (invoices, BOLs, & PODs) by uploading an image
  • Enter Available Equipment: receive notifications on matching shipments
  • Report Lumpers: upload an image if a lumper was used

In order to eliminate tracking calls, Spot will also have access to drivers’ whereabouts 24/7 to know how far away they are from picking up or delivering a load.

“Because technology is one of our three pillars here at Spot, we wanted to invest in tools that would virtually be a one stop shop for our carriers”, said President & Co-Founder Andy Schenck. “Being able to see where our drivers are at any time day or night will also prove to be valuable for our customers, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing how our contract carriers utilize these new tools.”

To sign up for RED TRUCKS, click here, and to sign up for RED DRIVER, click here.

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