February 25, 2020

Great people, relationships, & technology. These three words represent the cornerstones of how we do business and are the foundation upon which we support our shippers & carriers. Speaking of great people, we couldn’t do what we do without our employees who truly make Spot such a special place to work. As we continue to hire motivated, passionate, and competitive salespeople across our Indianapolis headquarters and satellite office in Charlotte, we wanted to sit down with a few of our own Account Managers to better understand what it takes to succeed both within the logistics industry and at Spot.

(From Left to Right) Bethany, Jordan, Josh, Garrett, & Delon


What got you into this role/the logistics industry?

Delon: I had a friend from college that was interested in working at Spot as an Account Manager, and when I came in to interview, I loved the fast-paced atmosphere and the prospect of working with a wide range of people.

Jordan: My degree was in supply chain marketing. During my senior year, a Spot employee came to speak to our class about Spot’s culture and her visit convinced me to apply.

Josh: Spot’s social media is what piqued my interest at first. Later on, Andrew Elsener, one of Spot’s Co-Founders, came to do one-on-one meetings with interested candidates at my school. That’s what really got me interested in working at Spot!

What was the transition like going from college to the professional world?

Delon: The biggest change was getting used to the normal work schedule. In college, most of us would struggle waking up for an 8 AM class and sometimes you would take a nap in the middle of the day. Getting used to the working world, you need to be up and alert every day at that time and be able to go until 5. It was the biggest change, but it also didn’t take long to adjust.

Garrett: I played sports in college, so it wasn’t much different from that schedule. If anything I would say there is more personal responsibility now. There’s much less micromanaging in the real world.

Josh: The biggest adjustment was realizing that you can’t control everything. There are some things that are out of your control and you have to persist in spite of those things.

What were you expecting about working at Spot?

Bethany: I always heard Spot had a really cool company culture. I was excited at the idea of working with people that had a similar drive and goals as me, and I was expecting to learn from the best in Andrew Elsener and Andy Schenck, Spot’s Co-Founders.

Jordan: I knew Spot was growing quickly, but other than that I didn’t know what to expect. I just remember the first day I showed up everyone was so nice and welcoming. That was a great first impression, especially as my first job out of college.

Josh: I was expecting a place that would help me expand my knowledge and constantly encourage teambuilding. The great downtown office location doesn’t hurt either.

What is your favorite part about the culture of the sales team at Spot?

Bethany: Spot is one of those places where you put in the effort and you get to see the tangible results. It may not be tomorrow or next week, but you really see your efforts pay off.

Delon: Our sales culture is competitive; we push each other to be successful. Spot does a great job of highlighting our successes.

Jordan: The Sales Managers are amazing. Even if they aren’t your direct supervisor, they will help guide you however they can to build up your current skill set and teach you how to improve in other aspects of your job.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Bethany: No day is the same, but I do a lot of talking, whether it be keeping customers updated, talking to prospects, or booking freight with carriers.

Garrett: Every day and every week is so different. With my clients, I have a very cyclical schedule because most of my customers’ loads are weather dependent. Seasonality plays a big role in whether I’m booking loads or meeting with my customers on a day-to-day basis.

Josh: I get to source various solutions for our customers and communicate with a lot of other different people like carriers and prospects.

What kind of person succeeds in this role?

Bethany: A self-starter. I can’t emphasize that enough. It also helps to be a detail-oriented and socially-savvy person.

Jordan: When it comes to things like prospecting, you’ll be told no a lot. So somebody with thick skin that can bounce back quickly from being told no would definitely do well.

Garrett: To succeed as an Account Manager, you need to be self-sufficient, persistent, and a hard worker.

What are the opportunities for advancement and growth?

Delon: I love the pod system we have. You have your own book of business under the Spot umbrella. Like other businesses, the more successful you are, the more you’ll need to grow your team.

Garrett: Personally, I started as an Account Manager with a mentor. After building up my own business, I was able to expand and start a sales team with another Account Manager. Our goal is to keep on growing while continuing to add people to our team.

Jordan: As you get more experience and build your client base, you need to grow your own sales team. The best part about building your own team at Spot is that you can choose to work with someone that doesn’t have the same skills as you, and everyone can work in accordance with their strengths.

Why is Spot a great place to start a sales career?

Bethany: Spot offers a lot of tools to succeed. The people here have helped me so much along the way. Even if you’ve never spoken to someone here before, they are always happy to pass along their expertise and help out.

Garrett: The people here are great. Spot has such a wide range of people that are fresh out of college all the way to people with years of experience. Everyone has something to learn from each other.

Jordan: Everyone here is understanding and knows that everyone grows differently. They’ll work with you to build you up and also know not everyone will come in and hit the ground running at the same pace.

Do you have any advice for soon-to-be college graduates?

Delon: Go the extra mile and don’t be afraid to ask questions or talk to other successful people.

Bethany: Be ready for anything a day might bring. It’s really important to be dynamic and keep your cool under pressure.

Garrett: Be a go-getter. Don’t assume that anything will be given to you.

Jordan: Be driven and eager.

Josh: Keep a positive attitude and embrace work. Look at it as a way to grow personally and be successful.

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