Better Tracking Today for Carriers

How Digital Tracking Benefits You

Spot’s sister company, Red Technologies, offers carrier tracking options to give better visibility into their freight operations. In today’s trucking industry, big and small shippers expect and require real-time visibility into their freight’s location. We also know that driver-tracking calls and emails are the worst. Nobody likes them, and we don’t want to make them. The tracking options below allow drivers and dispatchers to do what they do best, deliver on time, every time.

1. Red Driver: Driver Mobile App

Spot’s digital freight platform, with GPS enabled, Red Driver Mobile allows you to find freight near you with location-based searching and reduce check calls with in-transit updates. Spend less time hunting for loads and more time hauling them with Red Driver.

If you already have the mobile app on your phone, you’re all set. Just log in and manage your load in the app, turn on location permissions, and no further updates needed.

Don’t have our app yet? Download it here.

2. Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Connection

In partnership with project44, Spot ties into ELDs to collect GPS coordinates and other data in real-time.

With the ELD mandate, all drivers now have a compliant device in their trucks. Connect your ELD to Spot by clicking the button below.

Important note: we only receive location information while on an active Spot shipment — once you deliver, no more location updates.

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3. Transportation Management System (TMS) with ELD Connection

Spot can connect with your TMS system via an API or EDI connection.

To start tracking, contact us by clicking the button below.

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We Never Lose Our Drive to Deliver

Spot is built on relationships with its carriers and shippers, providing unwavering support from our dedicated team of logistics professionals and advanced technologies to ensure your freight arrives on time, every time. Rather than implementing out-of-the-box solutions, we know that having the right technology in place increases your efficiency and streamlines the communication you need to be successful.

In addition to the tracking options above, when you have access to our Red Trucks carrier portal, you have the lanes, tools, and technology to help you succeed. Click the link below to sign up today.

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