September 17, 2020

Countless shippers still rely on spreadsheets, e-mails, and phone calls to manage their transportation operations. These antiquated practices no longer suffice in a freight market that is dominated by the need for better service and greater transparency. What if we told you that having a TMS could help you save 2-10% on your annual transportation costs as a result of the following cost reduction opportunities?

Rate Visibility

A TMS provides a single repository to store all transportation provider contracts, giving you the ability to accurately calculate charges for each shipment. If shipments are placed on the spot market, you are able to receive and benchmark bids from multiple carriers, ultimately allowing for you to select the most cost effective rate.

Freight Optimization

The process of manually building orders typically overlooks selecting the “smartest” route, whether that be full truckload, LTL, or multi-stop truckloads. Automated optimization can free valuable resources from consistently having to adjust loads, which translates into savings on administrative costs.

Shipment Execution

Shipment execution is often the most time-consuming task for logistics professionals. A TMS’s automatic tendering functionality alleviates repetitive responsibilities and ensures that carriers receive complete information on tendered shipments the first time, every time.

Performance Improvements

One of the key benefits of a TMS is custom reporting that aligns with your business requirements. Reporting provides complete visibility into spend, carrier KPI’s, and more so you can identify areas where rate reductions and process improvements may be necessary.

Real-Time Tracking

The transportation industry continues to rely on real-time data more than we’ve ever seen before. A TMS allows for you to track all your shipments in one place, keeping your customers abreast of any shipments that are running behind or where a possible service failure may occur.

Our TMS was built to provide shippers with a way to manage the entire supply chain and to provide you with actionable data through real time visibility, freight optimization, and customized reporting. Schedule a demo here today to learn more about how the POWER OF RED can transform your logistics operations.