September 8, 2020

Carriers are the backbone of our success. Without our carriers, we wouldn’t be able to offer our shippers the quality and reliability they’ve come to expect from us. 

September’s Carrier of the Month, BMX Transport, has been a partner of Spot’s since 2019. BMX handles shipments for one of our large industrial customers, which definitely isn’t easy, but they always roll with the punches and never complain. They consistently do whatever it takes, which makes it easier on us to do our job effectively! Read on for a Q&A to learn more about BMX Transport and their take on the transportation industry.

Tell us about your founding: Our company was founded in 2011.

What does your company specialize in?: We specialize in both dry van & reefer loads & transport goods all across the US!

Why do you enjoy working with Spot?: Spot offers light loads and always pays on time, which is important for a smaller carrier like us.

What part of the country do you enjoy driving through most and why?: We love driving through every State, so it’s hard to choose just one place!

What is your favorite part about being in the logistics industry?: We value the relationships we have fostered with our customers and the internal team that we have been able to build.