March 11, 2021

Jordan Mounts
Director of Software Development

What did you study at Purdue?: Computer Science with a focus in Software Engineering

How did you first hear about Red Tech?: Glassdoor

What made you want to work at Red Tech and what keeps you here?: The team seemed really solid, and I knew there would be room to grow. I stay because the team is fast paced and everyone is excited to learn.

What does your day-to-day role look like here at Red Tech?: I lead our development team as far as backend development goes.  Although I have a manager role now, I still make sure to stay in the code and work with the developers as much as possible.

What is your advice for soon to be graduates?: Don’t be afraid to take risks when looking for a job or transitioning after finding one.  It will always be scary to change, but there are so many awesome opportunities you will miss if you don’t try.

Describe Red Tech in one word: Passionate