March 11, 2021

Jake Brown

What did you study at IU?: Finance & Entrepreneurship

How did you first hear about Spot?: A referral from my brother’s friend

What made you want to work at Spot and what keeps you here?: I enjoy the energy at Spot and the industry is always keeping me on my feet. There are days that are very tough, but to be able to solve issues for customers and provide great service is what keeps me going.

What does your day-to-day role look like here at Spot?: I am podded up with my partner, Matt, and I’m more involved in the customer-facing side as well as administrative tasks (scheduling, building orders, quoting, etc.) while he books more freight.

What is your advice for soon to be graduates?: Don’t leave. Bloomington is one of my favorite places on Earth! In all seriousness, capitalize on your final year so you’re ready to hit the ground running in your first role out of school.

Describe Spot in one word: Energetic