May 18, 2017

Working for a start-up or a business in a rapid growth stage can be exciting, energizing, and rewarding. If you’re game for a fast-paced, ever-changing work environment, there will likely be great opportunity to grow your career – and your paycheck. While there are many upsides, this kind of workplace is not for everyone.

Ask yourself these questions before making the switch:

1.) Am I prepared for a new way of working?

If you’re accustomed to detailed processes, procedures, and memos – be ready to adapt your mindset. In other words, you will have to build infrastructure as you go and constantly evaluate and re-prioritize to have maximum impact – sometimes in a short time frame. With less time spent on building presentations for a quarterly meeting, time can be allocated to innovation. Fortunately, you won’t be waiting long on C-suite approvals – you may be sitting among them! If you’re motivated by making business-driven decisions and thrive on moving quickly, this can be a great fit.

2.) Am I on board with the company’s mission, values, and vision?

When long work days and challenging situations are often the norm, you have to believe that what you’re doing is helpful or meaningful. Doing your research on the role and the company is key to understanding this. How will your role directly impact the business? How does the organization live out its values? Ask your interviewer thoughtful questions about business goals and priorities after researching the company’s website, blog, and social media platforms.

3.) Am I a problem solver?

Consider your level of entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to problem solving. Are you the type of person who can get to a destination without a clear road map? Or, do you prefer step-by-step directions? The former requires a certain amount of stamina, much needed in a high growth environment. Those who are resourceful, resilient, and energized by solving problems – even those outside of their job description – will be well suited.

If you are excitedly nodding “Yes” to these questions, you may be ready to start your gig and make an impact at a growing company!

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