June 28, 2017

Kristen Schneider | Summer Marketing Intern 

Starting anything new can be quite terrifying. Getting acquainted with a foreign environment, conversing with unfamiliar people, and completing new tasks can be extremely overwhelming. On my first day, I nervously walked into the office unsure about what to expect. Who would I talk to?  How are things “normally” done? What is it like day to day? However, my fear of uncertainty and doubt were overshadowed after being continuously greeted by employees, being included in all activities, and treated just as important as the rest. If only at that moment I would have realized not only how much knowledge I would gain, but more importantly how incredibly special the culture and people are at Spot. It’s true…exceptionally great people and employees make all the difference.

The company’s discernable culture stems from their tenacious employees, excellent customer service, and unwavering mission to put others needs before their own. The employees truly see the value of doing things right and achieving at the highest level even when people aren’t looking. As an intern, you would expect employees to completely disregard and isolate themselves from you.

Accounting intern Alex Bartlow said, “I was amazed by the employees’ desire to get to know each and every one of us on a personal level. The title “intern” does not define us and there’s never a moment when I feel like I can’t talk or ask an employee a question.”

Walking down the aisles of Spot’s open floor plan, I realized how surreal the cliché quote, “Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life,” represents Spot’s staff. Each day the team brings endless enthusiasm, seamless energy, and exuberant effort. From banging the gong to recognizing other employees’ success, Hawaiian Shirt Friday, or attending planned activities outside of work, the employees make it virtually impossible for anyone to go unnoticed. The days I imagined would be long were accompanied by memorable jokes and laughter with my co-workers.

Accounting intern Maddie Fleet commented, “A culture like Spot is nearly impossible to find. How many people can say not only that they are comfortable talking to any employee, but their work is also valued within the company? Every day I process invoices so we can pay carriers, which seems like such a small task. However, it is our work that is incredibly vital to the company and makes all the difference.”

By not saying it but living it, valuing relationships above all else, and demonstrating good character has allowed Spot to advance to the fifth fastest growing private company in Indianapolis. Representing 6 schools, various states, and diverse backgrounds, all 10 interns bring very different perspectives and talents to the table. The 5 sales, 1 marketing, and 4 accounting interns attend Ball State, Butler, Denison, Franklin, Marian, and Indiana University.

From eating lunch together every day, talking non-stop about freight, and spending 2 fun-filled hours together weekly to complete a scavenger hunt are the days that I will remember most. Starting from nearly 2 employees in 2009 to over 90 employees today, Spot is continuing to make their mark in the logistics industry. And the best part? Us interns play a role and have the opportunity to be a part of such a special company that is nowhere near where they will be in the future!