August 3, 2020

The Spot team is continually growing! We attribute our growth to our company’s fast-paced culture, comprehensive training program, and our amazing people. However, we couldn’t recruit these amazing people without our Talent Acquisition team! Our team does a great job sourcing potential candidates and finding the right people to fill the necessary roles to help push Spot forward. We sat down with Ashley and Samantha, our Talent Acquisition Partners, to give you an inside look at their jobs as well as some tips if you’re looking to initiate the hiring process at Spot!

Talent Acquisition Team

Ashley (left) & Samantha (right)

What is your daily routine?

Ashley: First thing is screening all of the day’s resumes and applicants, and I usually do about 10 phone interviews per day and then one to three in-person interviews as well. In my free time during the day, I’ll reach out to some prospective candidates on LinkedIn trying to connect people with our open roles.

Samantha: I come in and look at our applicant tracking system (ATS) to find the most qualified candidates and schedule phone screens or interviews with them. I mix up my day going back and forth between our ATS and the prospecting route on LinkedIn.

What are the most “in demand” jobs at Spot?

Ashley: We’re actively looking for salespeople, whether that’s on the Account Management or Carrier Sales teams. We are currently looking for some Software Developers as well to join our RED TECHNOLOGIES team.

Why do you think Spot is a great place to work?

Ashley: Here at Spot, you really do get the opportunity to make an impact. The logistics industry is booming, and Spot is a place you can work hard for internal growth and see it happen.

Samantha: Spot doesn’t have to be just a job; we offer real career opportunities. There are many opportunities for growth, and on the sales side, you have the chance to run your own business and be an entrepreneur.

What do you look for in a potential new hire?

Ashley: I look for someone who does well in a fast-paced environment and has incredible attention to detail. Also, being in the logistics industry, it helps to be flexible since aspects of the industry are very dynamic.

Samantha: It’s all about the intangibles. Spot provides people the tools and resources, but they need to already come in with the work ethic and willingness to grind.

What are some things that jump out at you on a resume?

Ashley: I like someone who is involved. I want to see your professional experience, but I also want to know more about you, and having other obligations to various organizations shows that you can juggle multiple tasks.

Samantha: I like to see when it’s apparent that the candidate has multi-tasking skills as that is something that can translate to every single role at Spot. For Software Developers particularly, it’s great to see someone who takes initiative and can provide some past projects they’ve worked on.

In the interview process, what makes a candidate stand out?

Ashley: I look for someone that can hold a conversation well in a casual and professional manner and a person I feel will be a good culture-fit. We understand that interviews are nerve-wracking, but just remember that as recruiters we’re here to support you and want you to get the job!

Samantha: I look for someone to research the company. It shows initiative and that they’re serious about this position and interview. I also love when I get a LinkedIn notification that “a candidate viewed your profile”.

What does Spot do well to engage with new people entering the workforce?

Ashley: There are a growing number of people who don’t want the whole “suit and tie” environment. The casual dress code is a huge plus, and we have a ton of events that encourage teambuilding and an overall positive company culture.

Samantha: The casual dress code and office space are a huge plus. I think the marketing approach on our website and social media really does a great job of showing the character of Spot as a whole, and people want to be a part of it.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Ashley: My favorite part of my job is finding people and adding new talent to Spot. It’s always fun seeing new faces starting on their first day! We’re not some corporate company where you’re just a number, you really do get to see the impact of your work.

Samantha: I feel like I can make an impact at this job. It’s really cool to be the first “face” of the company when talking to potential candidates, and when someone new does start on their first day, it feels like you’re helping change their lives in their career.

Do you have any general tips regarding the job search?

Ashley: I always love getting messages from people on LinkedIn regarding jobs. It shows that you’re a go-getter and take initiative. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Samantha: I would say try to find a way to set yourself apart. Your recruiters are the first stage in the interview process and I appreciate a different and well thought out resume that feels it was tailored for the position.

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