July 5, 2023

Carriers are the backbone of our success. With our carriers, we can offer our shippers the quality and reliability they’ve come to expect from us.

Spot’s Carrier of the Month for June is I & J Transport, who consistently provide excellent service and are always there when we need them. Establishing such a good relationship with a carrier like I & J Transport has been a pleasure, and we look forward to continuing to do business with them!

Read more below about I & J Transport’s take on the transportation industry.

Tell us about your founding (year, why you started, etc.): I & J Transport started in 2018. We started this company as a way to support our family while doing what we love.

What does your company specialize in (i.e., modes, areas of the country, etc.)?: Our company specializes in delivering the loads on time and going to work in any weather.

Why do you enjoy working with Spot?: We enjoy working with Spot because if there are any problems, they always help as much as they can.

What do you do to pass the time while on the road?: On the road, we like to listen to music and talk to our family.

What would it be if you could change one thing about the transportation industry?: We wouldn’t change anything!

What part of the country do you enjoy driving through the most? Why?: We love driving through California because it is always sunny.

What is your favorite part about being in the logistics industry?: We get to talk to other trucks and hear all their stories and how they started their company.

Anything else about your company or the industry that you think everyone should know?: We started as field workers and wanted something better for our families.