Quoting, booking, and tracking LTL freight with MySpot TMS

March 18, 2020

In 2019, one of Spot’s customers (an automotive supply chain integrator) came to the realization that the freight markets, especially the LTL markets, were rapidly growing and expanding. In order to keep up with the demand of their customers, they began shipping more LTL freight. Spot reached out to its customer during their time of high demand to find out how to make their logistics operations more efficient and streamlined. Spot’s customer quickly realized that they needed a partner who could provide visibility into their freight, competitive rates, and access to advanced analytics.


Prior to the partnership with Spot, Spot’s customer was looking for a single source LTL provider that could dedicate resources and time to their shipping needs. As their business continued to grow, it became too cumbersome to handle for one single person who also held various other roles within the company. They needed assistance with gaining visibility into their LTL freight, invoice auditing and corrections, and claims filing and tracking. Additionally, many of their suppliers are spread out across the United States and were all using various forms of routing guides. At that time, they were also not confident if they had the best and lowest cost carrier for each lane.

Solution & Results

Spot proposed a solution to become a sole source provider. Spot provided full access to their proprietary technology, MySpot TMS, to over 150 of the customers’ suppliers. With the suppliers now logging into MySpot TMS to quote, book, and track their LTL freight, this gave the team full visibility into their truckload and LTL freight. Spot also assisted with the daunting and lengthy claims process by filing and processing all claims. The customer also now receives monthly, quarterly, and yearly logistics reports that give them advanced insight into market trends and analytics.

A Note From The Customer

“Spot coordinates all of our domestic freight movements and works directly with shippers to ensure our freight is delivered on time. Their expertise, level of management, and thorough communication has freed up valuable internal resources and overall has been a huge benefit to our company.”

– Supply Chain Manager