Staying ahead of the curve with MySpot TMS

March 18, 2020

Selecting a transportation management software (TMS) that increases efficiency and is customized to internal needs is never an easy undertaking. One of Spot’s customers, a national distributor of chemical and raw materials, was utilizing an internally-developed tool that required manual entry and provided them with limited visibility into their transportation operations. Spot’s customer turned to MySpot TMS, Spot’s proprietary technology, to assist in improving their logistics-related workflows.


Prior to Spot, the customer would continuously book the same carriers on their lanes, therefore they did not have the ability to compare and contrast quotes. The customer had limited visibility of their LTL and truckload shipments and no central location to see all current and past loads, which caused delays when needing to update their customers. The customer also didn’t have access to previous years’ data.

In order to benchmark on operational trends nor did they have reporting capabilities to provide their entire supply chain with crucial information.

Solution & Results

In order to mitigate their pain points, Spot’s customer now utilizes MySpot TMS to increase efficiency and streamline operations. The customer now has access to view rates from multiple providers before booking shipments, which has allowed for first-year cost savings of approximately $100,000. They have also saved man-hours as MySpot TMS has allowed them to repurpose team members into other departments that were needing assistance. The customer now has access to advanced analytics and customized reporting, further showcasing how MySpot TMS is a one-stop technology solution.

A Note From The Customer

“MySpot TMS has given me and my team the visibility into our transportation spend like never before! It has streamlined our shipping department’s operations and increased transparency within our supply chain.”

George H. – VP of Supply Chain