May 12, 2021

A small trucking company grows its fleet…what a classic “Cinderella story”! Well, maybe not quite a classic, but here at Spot, stories like this aren’t uncommon. Kerry and Brad, Co-Owners of Right Choice Transportation, started their transportation company with only four trucks and five trailers before they came across Spot from a lane sourcing e-mail. Since working with us over the past four years, they have grown to sixteen trucks with thirty-four trailers and counting!

We couldn’t provide the service that our shippers have come to expect from us without our carrier partners, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with Right Choice. They have successfully handled a pivotal lane for one of our largest beverage and bottle customers. Their service is outstanding, and we’re thrilled that we’ve been able to play a prevalent role in their growth story.

Read below for a Q&A with Right Choice to hear more about their growth:

How did you get started in this industry?

I rode around in the summer as a kid, and it’s all I ever wanted to do. I joined the military and drove trucks and just continued after leaving the Army. 2021 marks thirty-two years of being a truck driver!

What drew you to work with Spot?

The broker we originally started working with was very honest and provided us with fair rates.

What do you attribute most of your growth and success to?

We have a great team here at Right Choice and as Spot continues to provide our company with more volume, we’ve been able to grow very quickly.

Is there are particular moment or memory that stands out for you when working with Spot?

Experiencing long loading & unloading times at receivers is a common issue in the logistics industry. When we first started running for Spot, the wait times were significant, but we worked through it.

Is there a specific person at Spot that has made a difference for you and Right Choice Transport?

Alex Buening (one of Spot’s National Account Directors) has been great to work with and has stood by his word.

What is something you wish you would have known when you only had one truck and one trailer?

The opportunity for dedicated freight exists for small carriers. You don’t have to have a massive fleet in order to experience success. Establish a partnership with a broker you can truly trust, and in turn, you can see increased volume.

Why do you continue to work with Spot?

The rates are fair and the Small Carrier Program helps keep the cash flowing! Find out more about Spot’s Small Carrier Program here.

What is the last thing you would tell other carriers considering using Spot?

Spot is a good company with good people who are always willing to help when needed.

Right Choice made the “right choice” by trusting us to provide them with volume on a dedicated lane, and as a result, they have more than tripled their growth! If you’re interested in becoming a Spot carrier, visit our Onboarding Portal at carrieronboarding.spotinc.com.