Spot Launches New Podcast “More Than a Broker” 

August 22, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS, INSpot, a leading third-party logistics provider, today announced the launch of its new podcast, “More Than a Broker,” hosted by Spot Co-founder, Andrew Elsener. The podcast features interviews with industry experts and explores the latest trends and challenges in the freight transportation industry. 

“We believe that More Than a Broker will provide a wealth of information for anyone who wants to learn more about the logistics industry,” said Elsener. “We’re thrilled to share our insights and expertise with the community, and we hope this podcast will help people make better decisions about their logistics needs.” 

The inaugural episode features interviews with Spot-dedicated logistics professionals on topics facing the industry, like double brokering, how AI impacts the industry, and the future of the logistics marketplace. Future episodes will feature interviews with a wide range of thought leaders and will explore topics such as the future of the supply chain, the impact of technology on freight transportation, and the challenges facing the industry. 

“The logistics marketplace is a rapidly evolving space, and Spot is committed to being at the forefront of innovation,” said Elsener. “Our podcast is a great way to learn more about the latest trends in logistics and how Spot is helping businesses succeed.” 

The More Than a Broker podcast is available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other major podcast platforms.