December 4, 2018

As Spot approaches our 10 year anniversary at the beginning of 2019, we wanted to take the time to review the key events that have gotten Spot to where we are today. From a revenue of just $10M in 2009 to an expected revenue of over $200M at the end of this year, we attribute our status as one of the fastest growing companies in North America to the three pillars that define our company: great people, relationships, & technology.

Economic Crisis

Our founders Andrew & Andy quit their jobs in December 2008 to start their own logistics company. As the entire economy was on the brink of collapse, it was a tough time to be taking a risk. However, Andrew & Andy knew the industry and knew what needed to be done to separate themselves in a crowded space.

Super Bowl XLIV

On this day came Spot’s big break. When everyone else was preparing for Super Bowl Sunday festivities, Andrew was keeping an eye on his e-mail. A large bottler needed to get 7-8 shipments from Iowa to Missouri and none of Spot’s big competitors answered the e-mail…only Andrew. This gave Spot an “in” with this shipper, whom is still one of our top customers to date.

Charlotte Expansion

Jeremiah, Spot’s longest tenured employee told Andrew & Andy that he was moving to North Carolina to be with his family. However, Spot was planning on expanding anyways. This led to Spot’s additional location in Charlotte, which has already moved to a second location seven times the size of its previous space.

RED Development

Spot has been developing RED, our proprietary technology, for the past three years. RED has been designed with our carriers, shippers, and employees in mind to effectively and efficiently manage shipping needs. As we continue to grow our internal IT team, RED will play a major role in continuing to provide the best fit solutions for our customers.

Indianapolis Expansion

We have quickly grown from 2 people working on card tables at our first Indianapolis location to over 200 employees at our current space. And we won’t be stopping any time soon…we are in the process of building out an additional floor so we can add even more folks to our talented and driven team.

As we look to next year, we are excited for our continuous growth and the belief that every day is a new beginning to hold true to our S^4 values of doing what others won’t, doing the little things right, remaining capacity-driven, and being more than just a broker. Because our people get what separates us in the industry, and they’re making Spot what it is today and for the next ten years!