November 27, 2018

Our recruiting team is always on the lookout for fresh faces to add to our rapidly growing, talented, and driven team. “Great people” is one of the three pillars in our company vision statement, something that we don’t take lightly. There are specific qualities that we look for when interviewing, especially when the candidate has the potential to join our sales team. We sat down with our Sales Managers to garner more insight into what they look for in Account Managers, what a typical day requires, and how to prepare for the interview.

What Makes an Account Manager

Account Managers are a pivotal part of Spot’s business. They serve as the main point of contact for shippers, carriers, and prospects. They are persistent and self-motivated. What sets them apart is their coachability. Our Account Managers are not afraid of failure and learn from each mistake. They take constructive feedback and turn it into positive results. We are always learning and growing here at Spot, and our Account Managers are no different. They have Spot’s entrepreneurial spirit, which means they’re open to taking risks in order to develop themselves and their book of business. Most importantly, our Account Managers are resilient. They know that sales is not always easy, and it may sometimes be tough to differentiate themselves in a crowded industry, but they never give up. They can quickly pivot to a new strategy to reach their goals.

What is an Account Manager’s Day Like

The sales process does not happen overnight. Sales is a multifaceted process that requires strong organization and time management skills. Account Managers constantly utilize their communication skills throughout the day. Their positive attitudes and competitive spirits are the driving force behind Spot’s “work-hard-play-hard” atmosphere. Account Managers also wear several hats in their day-to-day, which keeps things exciting! They generate sales leads, develop relationships with prospects, grow existing accounts, and focus on selling our core services – truckload, LTL, and intermodal. Each day is different and full of new opportunities and challenges.

How To Prepare

Prior to an interview, there are several things you can do to prepare. The first step is learning more about Spot. Check out our website and our social media pages for more insight about our history, office culture, and what we do. Extra points if you can name our S^4 values! Any experience in logistics, sales, or customer service is highly preferred, but a genuine interest in the industry is a key asset that our top candidates possess. Gather context about the state of the logistics industry by viewing our blogs, case studies, and news articles.

If any of the above sounds like you, we encourage you to check out the Account Manager job description at We are currently looking for Charlotte team members and to fill our June 2019 class in Indianapolis.