March 8, 2021

Freight never stops, which is why we created our carrier portal, Red Trucks, so you can find more freight, move more loads, and focus on the work you love. 80% of our freight is contracted, meaning we’ll always have loads available. Carriers are the backbone of our success. Because of this, we provide the support, expertise, and technology that you, our carrier partners, need to keep your business moving forward.

What Can I Do Within Red Trucks?

Red Trucks provides you with unlimited access to our available freight. Key functionality includes:

Load Board
– Search for available freight, book loads, and submit offers. Our intelligent dashboard shows you matches for your available equipment as well as lane preferences for loads that you have hauled before.

– Build your own journey & find reloads from freight that you are currently hauling or from new opportunities in order to keep your trucks moving!



Manage Shipment Lifecycle

– One-stop shop for updating shipment status, assigning drivers, and entering tracking information.

– Submit invoices for fast payment and accessorial requests for items such as detention, TONU, and layovers.



Load Execution

– Accept load tenders and respond to rate requests on available shipments from both Spot and our TMS users.

– Easily manage notification preferences so you receive updates on what is most relevant to you and your business.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started on the carrier portal is easy! If you are an existing carrier, all you have to do is head to v2.red-trucks.com and select “Register for An Account.” If you are not an existing carrier, you must first go through our initial onboarding process here, which takes less than 15 minutes. If you have questions along the way, our support portal is always available to answer questions or resolve issues.